The Ilustrated History of the World

J. M. Roberts


Título: The Ilustrated History of the World
Autor: J. M. Roberts
Edição: Duncan Baird Publishers
Ano: 1998
Páginas: 10 Volumes
Encadernação: Dura
ISBN: 1-900131-68-4

The Illustrated History of the World is a lavishly illustrated edition of J. M. Roberts’s bestselling History of the World. Now completely revised and updated, each volume of this comprehensive reference work traces the tumultuous story of humankind from prehistory to the end of the 20th
century. The rise and fall of civilizations; the impact of powerful individuals on world events; the interplay of state and religion; the social and economic factors that influence societies–these are some of the themes of this masterful, sweeping narrative. Over 2,000 photographs in color and
black-and-white present a unique visual panoply of the march of history. In addition, more than 200 maps and artworks in full color underscore important events. Fully integrated sidebars and feature boxes narrow in on key themes, providing an additional layer of interest. Each volume also contains a
double-page, illustrated chronology of major events, plus a bibliography and detailed index. Authoritative, brilliantly written, and superbly illustrated, this outstanding and popular work of scholarship makes the whole sweep of history vivid and accessible as never before.

Volume 1 – Prehistory and the First Civilizations
Volume 2 – Eastern Asia and Classical Greece
Volume 3 – Rome and The Classical West
Volume 4 – Yhe Age of Diverging Traditions
Volume 5 – The Far East and a New Europe
Volume 6 – The Making of the European Age
Volume 7 – The Age of Revolution
Volume 8 – The European Empires
Volume 9 – Emerging Powers
Volume 10 – The New Global Era