Oporto and Lisbon

Robert Batty


Título: Oporto and Lisbon
Autor: Robert Batty
Edição: Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda
Ano: 1996
Páginas: 119
Encadernação: Dura
Título Original: Select Views of Some of The Principal Cities of Europe
Depósito Legal: 97772/96
ISBN: 972-27-0746-9
Obs.: Fac-simile

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As the Engravings in this Work are, in the strictest sense of the word, faithful and accurate Views of the places they profess to represent, taken from the most advantageous situations, and exhibiting every object that is presented to the eye of the spectator; they necessarily include a great variety of remarkable and interesting points, which it would be impos sible to describe in a single page. In order, therefore, to identify the Views in the recollection of those to whom the places and scenes may be familiar, and, as far as practicable, to convey a similar pleasing famili arity to those who have not visited them, the Author has etched slight outlines of each View, wherein the different objects are numbered, cor responding with marginal references; he has also added diagrams still further to exhibit the relations of the Views to each other, by pointing out the spots from which they were respectively taken. will thus serve as keys to the finished Engravings.