Frank Zappa


Título: Guitar
Artista: Frank Zappa
Ano: 1988
Género: Rock
Estilo: Avantgarde
Obs.: Album Duplo


Categoria: Etiqueta:

Lado A

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace | Republicans | Do Not Pass Go | That’s Not Really Reggae | When No One Was No One

Lado B

Once Again, Withou The Net | Outside Now (Original Solo) | Jim & Tammy’s Upper Room | Were We Ever Really Safe in San Antonio? | That Ol’G Minor Thing Again

Lado C

Move It Or Park It | Sunrise Redeemer | But Who Was Fulcanelli? | For Duane | GOA

Lado D

Winos Do Not March | System of Edges | Things That Look Like Meat | Waternekin in Easter Hay